George Garrett III – Urbanistic Creations

George Garrett III has always been interested in creating art. He said his first foray into drawing came at the age of four years old.

“I was scribbling on a piece of paper in the living room and I noticed the picture I drew looked like Fred Flintsone,” remembers Garrett.

He said his dad looked at the picture and agreed it did look like Fred Flintstone. After that, Garrett drew another picture and then another and he’s been drawing ever since.   Continue reading

James Bundy – Paperbacks and VHS

When he was a kid, artist James Bundy really wanted to be a paleontologist. He wanted to create a time machine and travel back to see the saber tooth tigers, mastodons and cavemen.

Is it any wonder then that as he grew older and left that dream behind he found himself drawn to book cover illustrations of pulp versions of Conan the Barbarian and Tarzan? Artist Frank Frezetta was a huge inspiration for James.

“The first time I saw those covers I thought they were so cool and I thought ‘I wish I could do that,’” he said. Continue reading

Brad Abboud – Paul’s Boutique, A tribute on canvas

Brad Abboud is rocking a house party at the drop of a hat with his Paul’s Boutique show

Roughly 2 years ago artist Brad Abboud was listening to music while he was painting. This wasn’t out of the ordinary by any means, but for some reason the creative muse struck and he determined that he must do a series of paintings based on an album.

Lucky for all of us, he chose the Beastie Boys classic “Paul’s Boutique”. He felt this album was the perfect fit – there’s lots of room for interpretation, it’s lighthearted, and a definite cult classic. Continue reading

Cali Commons Presents Maria Wolpert

Growing up in Iowa, surrounded by a family who concentrated on pursuing careers in medicine, it is surprising Maria Wolpert grew up to become interested in traditional and digital art. Influenced by her mom’s love for the Peanuts characters from a young age, the first things Maria loved to draw were Charlie Brown and his beloved dog, Snoopy. Continue reading

Brian Gennardo – Passing Through

Fourteen years ago, Brian Gennardo – who bears an uncanny resemblance to a young Tom Waits – had car trouble and got stuck in Omaha on his way to Vancouver. When people asked, he told them he was just passing through. This went on for about a year. He took a job at the Med Center working with developmentally disabled kids. His goal was to work until his first paycheck, and then continue his journey to Vancouver. Continue reading

Neil Orians – Nothing Is Fine But I Swear That It’s Alright

Art that makes an impact doesn’t typically come from easy, comfortable parts of life. Every artist strives to create meaningful pieces that touch the viewer, causing a lasting impression. Usually that means connecting through mutual strife. Everyone has experienced anxiety in their life, whether situational or as a daily trial. Neil Orians shares his personal battle with anxiety in his upcoming show, aptly titled “Nothing Is Fine But I Swear That It’s Alright”. Continue reading

Josh Schmidt – Beauty Amongst the Bones

Josh Schmidt says his passion for art began in high school, and we’re so glad he kept it going. His flair for the unique makes him one of the most exciting and innovative artists around.

Currently working on a degree in art and marketing, he still finds time to do the things that don’t require schooling, getting an emphasis in life from what he likes. From watercolor to photography to charcoal, his style is eclectic, and he changes mediums easily. Continue reading